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Natasha Kolton Art & Music

My name is Natasha Kolton, I'm a multiartist.

I live in Argentina, in a small house in the suburbs of Buenos Aires city, filled with plants, cats (only two really), birds and bugs that come visit. I was born and raised in this area, and my home is where all my creating takes place. Love being outside the house too, specially in the sun, alone or in a crowd, I always find my little spot. I have painted and song written in a whole lot of coffee shops, bars, parks, buses and sidewalks over the years.

I feel truly myself when deeply immersed in the songwriting process. Obsessing over the exact word and the right note, there is no greater pleasure for me, it is home, my place in the world. The high of “chasing after butterflies” I call it. I started early, wrote my first song at 10, with the aid of my piano teacher, and never stopped. The piano was my first voice, my absolute love, and then I learnt I could sing too, that’s my second voice. I expand trying out new music genres and instruments, aside from always reading, talking to others, or watching content on anything and everything. All I hear, aware or not, mixes up somewhat strangely somewhere in my unconscious and becomes a song, sooner or later.

Visual images have always been there; I drew a lot as a child, then again in my teen years and after a while again as a grown up. I picture video clips when listening to my favorite musicians, and my lyrics are filled with sensory imagery. In time I understood that some of the stories that come to me visually are to be told just like that, without music or words. So I started giving painting a lot more space in my life and the more I painted, the more new images would arrive for me to paint. Photography is another thing I've always been passionate about, and I'm just starting to set foot into video and animation.

Not only were the arts, all arts, already a huge playground to dive into, filled with possibilities, different kinds of media and techniques, but also, these futuristic times we are living in gift us with easy access to tons of new tools to play with, along with a society that is better disposed towards creativity in all forms. Play, exploration, diversity, “DIY” modality, tutorials, all pretty accepted now a days, widespread and naturalized, more than ever before. It is a revolutionary time for art, and human expression as a whole, I am grateful for playing a small part in it.

My love for humanity penetrates all my creations. Our feelings, our needs and puzzles. And the immense beauty of this world we inhabit, are part of, all the living beings and “things”, normally not considered “living”, we relate to, passing through us and us through them. It all deeply moves me, being alive, as a human, in this time and place. All the “good” and the “bad”. I need express such joy, the wonder of being alive, in all the ways I possibly can for as long as I can. And share it. Thank you for being here <3

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