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Stone Touch Series

Original Paintings:
20 x 30 cm. (7.8 x 11.8 in.) 300 gsm acid free W/C paper.
Watercolor and thin liner.
Buenos Aires, Argentina
2018 - 2020.

Stone Touch: Portfolio

Take Yours Home

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Natasha Kolton Fully Custom ph Kelly Sikkema Unsplash

Fully Custom Original

Get your own absolutely personalized Stone Touch, entirely custom designed, made from scratch.
What do you love and enjoy? What makes you happy, makes you laugh, feel inspired, courageous and free, or at ease and cozy? What is important to you? Let’s portrait that, a reminder, a “touchstone” as Julia Cameron would say.
We will work together over a couple of weeks finding the right image that accurately resonates with you.

Stone Touch: Productos
Stone Touch: Lista
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